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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday

My husband is celebrating his 37th birthday tomorrow so I have chosen to honor him for this edition of "Throwback Thursday".


World Compassion Hunger Run

Morgan and I signed up to run the World Compassion Hunger Run together again this year.  If you remember, last year we did it together for the first time.  Neither of us had ever participated in a 5K and didn't know what to expect.  Morgan did much better than I did as she finished last year with a 2nd place finish while I finished 9 minutes after her at just over 40 minutes.  I definitely was not satisfied with that and couldn't wait to redeem myself this year!!
This time around we knew what to expect and both of us have been running more on our own and felt much more prepared.  Unfortunately, we woke up on race day to snow on the ground, a rain/snow mix coming down, and a temp of 29 degrees.  Yuck!  But neither of us were about to miss it, so we dressed warm and headed out.  (We were excited that several other couples/families from our church were also participating, along with my mother-in-law and nephew Luke).
Ironically, on the way there, Morgan and I agreed to a plan of action.  IF Morgan were to run faster than me, than I would just let her go and do her best and we would meet up at the finish line.  IF I were to run faster than her (and I was pretty sure that I would this year...), than I would slow down and finish it with her, no matter of the time.  (I was hoping for under 30 minutes, but figured it was more important to finish it with her).  Once again, I underestimated her running abilities.  THAT girl can run.  Once again, she ended up beating me but at least it was only by about one minute this time around.
Morgan & I trying to stay warm inside while waiting for the race to begin:
Morgan & I trying to stay warm outside after the race while waiting for the awards.
You cannot really tell how wet we are but we're soaking wet by this point.
Luke ended up finishing 1st in his age division and 5th overall.
Way to go!

Morgan ended up finishing 1st in her age division this year with a time just over 28 minutes.  As I said, she was moving!!  I was never able to keep up with her from the beginning, but I never lost sight of her either.  She was always just about 100 yards in front of me.  No matter how hard I tried, I could never quite catch up with her.  Chasing after her did help me run a good time though and I ended up finishing 6th in my age division.  (6th out of 42 woman).  The fun part is that once we came around the bend towards the finish line, I saw Noel and Marissa standing alongside the road cheering for us.  Noel told me that I was running just over 30 minutes.  I was slightly disappointed that I hadn't reached my goal, but then I saw Laynie jumping up and down in the front of the van as she joyfully waved at me, and suddenly my time didn't matter anymore.  I was just excited to be finishing strong and to have them all there watching us.  Much to my surprise though, as I rounded the curve and saw the finish line, the time clock only said 29 minutes!!
I was able to finish at 29 minutes and 48 seconds.  Yea!  I did beat my goal afterall!!
Lovin' that first place smile!!
'Want to do it again together next year, Morgan?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nolan's Wellness Visit

Nolan went in for his 15 month wellness visit today.  The doctor says that he is on the small size for his age, but right on track to where he should be considering his "genetics".  LOL  He may be a little behind in the language department but our doctor says he is not concerned since he obviously understands directions and comprehends what we are saying to him.  The speaking will come along soon enough.  (Can one really expect him to talk when he has three sisters catering to his every need?) 

At 15 months of age:
  • he weighs 21.2 pds and is in the 4% on the growth charts
  • he is 29.5 inches tall and in the 14% on the charts
  • his head is 19 inches around putting him in the 85% for head size
  • he is wearing 12 months pants but 18 month shirts and pj's
  • he is wearing size 3 diapers
  • he walks all over and is also beginning to climb
  • he still doesn't have any words to speak of
  • he can sign two or three words
  • he is going to bed around 7 at night and sleeping until 7 in the morning
  • he is taking two naps a day.  Usually one nap is around 90 minutes and the second nap is 45

iPod Dump

I am finally getting around to cleaning off the pictures on my iPod from the last few weeks.  So, here they are in no particular order:
1 - This picture was taken the day I completed my first four mile run.  I had originally planned to run three miles as training for the upcoming 5K and when I came to the three mile mark, I guess I just kept running.  Luckily, I survived!  LOL
2 - Luke came over a week or so ago and asked to ride the go-cart.  It took a while to get it tuned up enough to get it started, but Noel was able to also take the kids for rides.  Even Nolan got in on the action and he really seemed to enjoy it.
3.  Our silly girl 

4 - I love these two!!  Poor Nolan looks like he wiped out and scraped his chin but it's actually just where he kept licking his lips and the wetness chapped his chin.

5 - We finally got the chance to go to the library all together over spring break.  Morgan LOVES our library!

6 - Daddy & son share some quality time reading the new board books that our cousins passed down to us.

7 - Nolan's favorite past time.... just sitting and watching his trains go around and around and around

8.  Morgan continues to work on her upcoming 4h projects.
This time it is sewing.

Errors of Hide n Seek Part II

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how Nolan was trying to hide from me in plain sight.  Apparently, his sisters aren't too much better playing hide n seek than he is.  Marissa & Melayna tried playing hide n seek last week using walkie talkies.  The only rule that they came up with was that you had to leave your walkie talkie on at all times, even while hiding.  Melayna didn't catch on to the reasoning behind this right away so she willingly and joyfully took hers with her as she tried to hide all around the house.  No matter how well she was hidden, Marissa quickly found her b/c each time Marissa counted, she would keep hitting the "call" button so that Laynie's walkie talkie would make noise and then Marissa would follow the noise until she found Laynie.  After a couple of rounds of this, I convinced Laynie to hide in a different place than the walkie talkie so Marissa wouldn't find her.  As soon as Marissa found out what had happened (and that I had thought of it), she said it was "unfair" and quit playing.

Oh well, at least I found it humerous!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Melayna's Spring Pictures

We just got Melayna's spring pictures back this morning.  I thought this top one turned out really good.  The second pose is cute too, just a little out of character...
Her response when she saw this picture was, "Mom!  I NEVER look like this!  Why would they think I wanted to buy this picture?"

In other "Laynie-isms"...
  • I was wearing my bright yellow running shoes the other day in addition to a neon orange shirt.  (It seemed like a good choice when I was out running on the road)  Apparently, Melayna disagreed with my wardwobe selection.  As soon as she got into the van after school, she took one look at me and said, "MOM!  You didn't wear that out in public, did you?  You are just way too bright for normal people!"
  • The other day I served sugar cookies to the girls - except that I had let Morgan decorate the first batches with frosting so the few that were leftover didn't even have sugar on them.  Melayna saw them and said, "Sugar cookies without sugar are...well... just cookies"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Awana Grand Prix 2014

On Friday the 4th, the Awana club where the girls attend hosted their annual Grand Prix.  This Awana group is much smaller than where we've attended previous years and they only allowed the TNT groups to use the wooden kits.  The younger kids had to use a matchbox car.  This meant that although Marissa had raced a wooden car last year, she had to race a matchbox car instead.  Overall, I think Marissa and Melayna were good sports about it and had fun anyway.
They all had to check their cars in and then wait for the races to begin.

Morgan designed and painted her own car once again this year.  Can you guess which one is hers?  If you picked the white one on the far left with all of the hearts on it, you would be correct.

Nolan was definitely getting ready to cheer for them.  I'm just sure of it!!

Okay, so even if he didn't cheer, their friends certainly did!

After several close races, Marissa ended up getting second place in the lower division.
Her friend Keira ended up beating Laynie for third place.

Morgan didn't place in her races, but she still enjoyed herself.

At the end of the night, there were plenty of smiles to go around and I think that is the most important part!!

1st Spring Days, Sprained Ankles, & Other Updates

We are still having computer issues but I have finally figured out a way to get pictures to post, I think.   It takes much longer, but I am thankful that I am finally able to get the pictures off of my camera and onto here to share.  Thank you for being patient!  LOL
A week or two ago, we finally had our first warmer days of the season.  Nolan saw his older sisters running outside and he quickly went to the door and starting pounding on it until I was able to get his jacket on him and take him outside too.  He just kept swinging his arms around while squealing.  He was definitely ready to get outside and enjoy some fresh spring air - along with all of us!!
I never really thought about how hard it might be for Nolan to walk on the uneven ground, but it did take him a while to get his footing.  And even then, he made sure to avoid any dead leaves that were on the ground.  I don't know what it was about the crackling noise when others walked on them, but he didn't want anything to do with it.  I finally had to pick up a handful and crush them in my hands right in front of him before he was sure that they were harmless.  After that, he was fine taking tentative steps around the back yard by himself.
Swinging is definitely more his thing!! 

We also rode bikes, wrote Bible verses with sidewalk chalk and showed off new tricks on the trampoline.

Unfortunately, just hours after we took these pictures, Nolan suffered his first injury while sliding down the slide.  He was sitting on Morgan's lap and about halfway down, he started screaming.  We aren't exactly sure what happened, but we think he must have got his foot caught between Morgan's leg and the side of the slide forcing it to turn sideways as he slid down.  No matter how it happened, we think he had a bad sprain.  He couldn't put any weight on it at all for five days and now he's been limping around on it for the past several.  I am sure this won't be his last injury.
And in other updates, my Mom had major back surgery two weeks ago.  I am thankful that my schedule has allowed for me to go visit her and try to help them out in various ways.  Thank you to those of you who have been praying for her.  Prayers are appreciated!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Computer Woes

Has anyone even noticed my lack on online presence recently?  No.  I didn't think so.  LOL

Our computer got a virus on it the beginning of last week so we have been waiting to get it cleaned.  Then, the day I picked it up from the computer doctor, I accidentally broke the wi-fi antennae off the back, making it impossible to hook up to the internet.  I finally dug out our old laptop to post this message, but unfortunately, I don't have any pictures on this computer so those will have to wait.

In good news, we are on spring break in just a few hours and we have some fun things planned so hopefully I'll have some pictures and updates to share soon.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Time for Flip-Flops

Conversation @ Laynie's school today:
"Melayna, you are wearing FLIP-FLOPS!!".
Melayna's response: "Yep. I guess I'm the one who has to bring in spring!!" LOL

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

In honor of today's "Throwback Thursday" post, I found this classic picture of my beautiful Mom holding my younger sister, Beth.  I am obviously the adorable little one sitting beside her!!
(Probably in kindergarten or 1st grade at this time)