Thursday, March 26, 2015

"When the Dog's Away...."

"When the Dog's Away, the Cats Will Play?"  Is that how the saying goes?  Or should the saying really be, "When Your Daughter Asks to Check Something On Your iPod REALLY Quick?"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Week

Last week, before we got more snow...before the temps dropped below freezing again...
Nolan and I spent the morning running beside the lake, still frozen over in places.  It was so peaceful as not many others were out with us.  Except for three white-tailed deer and two blue heron and a woodpecker or two.

Last week we spent the same morning letting Nolan try out the playground at a different park for him.  It always amazes me how kids go from needing help at the end of one summer to doing it all by themselves by the beginning of the next.

Last week I needed sunglasses and let Nolan take a couple of pictures of me.

Last week, before the nasty stomach bug entered our house, Nolan rode on the big swings all by himself for the first time.  And he LOVED it!!

And last week he spun around and around and around until he was too dizzy to walk straight...

Last week was a great week to be outdoors.
Who knows, maybe again next week?!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Stomach Flu Blues ~ A Narrative by Nolan


You heard that I was sick?

Yes, I did come down with the stomach flu for the first time in my young life.  And it was not pretty!!  

But never fear, Mommy was right there to clean me (and everything else) right up and she slept beside me on the floor the rest of the night.  And after two days....

...I am back!!  
And feeling great!!

Unfortunately, I shared my nasty little bug with Mommy and so she was pretty sick this weekend too. 

But never fear, Daddy was right there to take care of me and the girls so that Mommy could get some extra rest.  Hopefully she'll be back to her normal happy self soon too!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day In My Life ~ Organizational Project

I am the queen of organization.  Okay, so that doesn't mean that everything is always organized, but it does mean that I want things to be that way!  I function best when everything is in it's proper place.  So, after weeks upon weeks of books being stacked on the window sill and under the beds in the kids' rooms, I couldn't take it anymore.  I decided that things needed to be organized in our basement.

So, on Thursday, I spent the entire day working on my first organization / spring cleaning project.  I had seen where Menards had bookshelves marked down on sale so Nolan and I went over and picked up two.  We went home and put them together and set them up in various places around the basement until I decided where I wanted them.  Once I had them set, I realized that a third bookcase would fit perfectly, so we drove back to the store again and I bought a third shelf, along with several baskets to put things in.

I am thankful for my little helper.  He got right to work helping me assemble the shelves...

Then, when he was tired of working on the shelves, he provided much needed comic relief by standing in the trashcan - and then causing it to fall over.  Silly boy!

He finally decided to entertain himself on the other side of the basement and I got to work putting the final touches on the shelves and putting everything into place.  We now have a marked place for the puzzles, dress-up clothes, musical instruments, etc. along with room for a lot more books.  

I love how it turned out!!  

We have had these old dressers downstairs for years.  I just finally went through them and labeled all of the scrap paper and stickers and other craft supplies so everything is in place there as well.

And while I was organizing the main part of the basement, Nolan was dis-organizing his own little play area.
Oh well, this is a true "Day in My Life" picture for sure!!

He had worked so hard all morning for me - nap time was a complete success!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Signs of Spring

It has cooled down again to a more average temp for this time of year (high in the 40's), but Sunday and Monday were absolutely gorgeous!!  The kids really took advantage of the spring weather by playing outside as much as they could.

Here are just a few signs that it might be spring around our house:

Managing the Spring Clean-up

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the snow is melting, we have been able to go outside and start cleaning up the yard a little bit.  Noel pruned the pear tree and I went around and picked up a bunch of branches that had fallen during the winter months.  

And with the direction of Nolan, Marissa did her own kind of cleaning....moving snow from the yard to the drive-way.  I promise you, that boy is going to grow up and be some sort of manager or something.  He is certainly quite good at ordering us all around.  On this particular day, he would lead Marissa over to a spot in the yard and by pointing or saying "there", he would be telling her to shovel up the snow.  Then he would lead the way over to the rocks around our landscaping and then he would point and say "there" once again and that would be her sign to dump the snow.  It was quite comical to watch since Marissa obeyed his every command.

See him pointing?

"My work here is done.  Now I probably should go inside and take a nap or something after all of that heavy lifting!!"

Monday, March 16, 2015

Saturday Sillies

After swimming on Saturday, one of our friends came over to our house for a while to play.  They played outside most of the day but at one point I turned around and found three big girls sitting at a little table using little tea cups and little saucers and eating little cheerios.

The setting might have been "little" but they were having "big" amounts of fun.  
Oh you girls!  You certainly make me smile!!

Saturday Swimming Lessons

Morgan and Marissa continue to enjoy their Saturday morning swimming lessons.  Morgan is doing much better since she went down one level into a class she feels much more confident in.  She's really making strides on learning some new strokes and getting stronger with the strokes she already knew.  She is also getting much more comfortable diving and swimming under water.  I'm proud of her for overcoming some of her fears - and all on her own initiative!

Marissa is having a great time in her class as well.  I really think this girl would live in the water if we would let her!  She also continues to make good consistent strides in her class and her underwater turns are getting pretty good.  We are waiting final details/schedules on two area swim teams so maybe she will end up competing a little bit on one of them this summer.

For the most part, Nolan does pretty well waiting the 45 minutes while his two sisters swim, but every once in a while he is really tempted to just get in and give it a try!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015