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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Is THIS How He Sees Me? REALLY?

I was reading a book to Nolan today. He was cuddling on my lap and it was such a sweet moment. Well, until he pointed to the woman and said "you mama"!!!  Come on now, do I REALLY look like THAT to him?  LOL


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Season End Reward

Morgan's basketball season is quickly winding down with tournament starting next week.  She has enjoyed being the manager for the teams this year and since the coach has allowed her to practice with the team, she has really learned a lot more about the game as well.  This has been such a blessing in my book because it will only help her improve before try-outs next year.  Plus, she has gotten a taste of what it takes to be on a sports team and also maintain grades in the classroom.  (You can just learn so much from being in extracurricular activities, in my opinion).  

Well, I am apparently not the only one who appreciates all of the hard work that Morgan did this season.  On Friday night she left practice with a HUGE smile on her face because her coach told her that she could dress and play with the team in their last game.  She said that she had seen such improvement in Morgan's basketball skills since try-outs at the beginning of the season and she wanted to reward her for it by letting her have a chance to play.  So, last night in their final regular season game, Morgan dressed with the "B" team and played all but the first minute or so.  It was fun to watch her and to know what it meant to her to be part of the team in that way.  And for that blessing, I am just SO thankful!  And who knows what next season will bring?!

(This picture was taken in December but no one likes a post without pictures, right?  Her smile was just as big last night as her team won 20-2.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

He Said WHAT?!

Of all the things Laynie could teach Nolan to say, did it really have to be, "I love my bootie, I love my bootie!?" (Complete with a bootie shake).

Don't worry, that saying was quickly forgotten when she convinced him to put an M & M into his ear just moments later.

Date Day & Donations

Morgan & I were able to steal away for a while on Saturday for a little Mommy/Daughter date.  She knew that she wanted to get her hair trimmed and then stop by Claire's to spend a gift certificate that she had been hanging onto for a while.  We decided to start with the hair.  Even as we were pulling into the parking lot, she was still trying to decide how much she wanted cut off.  (Marissa had gotten her hair trimmed up a couple of weeks ago so I thought that Morgan was also going to just go for a trim).

When she sat down, she asked how short her hair would be if she donated 10 inches for Locks of Love.  (She has done that two times before but her hair was really short after each time).  This time we were both surprised to find out that she could donate 10 inches and still have shoulder length hair.  So, without any hesitation, she decided to cut it all off.  (There was a man sitting beside me in the waiting area.  He turned to the girl that was with him and said, "Do you see that little girl?  She has really really long beautiful hair and I think she's going to cut it all off!!)  


After a visit to Claire's (that seemed to last FOREVER), we headed off to Wendy's to grab a Frosty, because what is a date if you don't get a treat from time to time, right?  


Here is Morgan modeling her new cut.  
(And the necklace that she bought with her gift card.)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Any Guesses?

Any guesses on who this hair belonged to?
Any guesses on where it's going now?

It's Circus Day!

This past Friday was Circus Day in our house.
And trust me, it was a much anticipated event for sure!

For many, many years, the Shriners have invited the 3rd graders from Indiana schools to come to the Mizpah Shrine Circus at the Fort Wayne Coliseum.  (I remember going as a third grader if that tells you how long they've been doing this!!  LOL)  Last year we had so much snow during the week of the circus that Morgan's circus trip was cancelled.  She was pretty disappointed at the time, but the Shriner's organization promised to take both the 3rd and 4th graders together this year.

Both girls came home Friday night with stories to tell about the snacks they bought, the souvenirs they wanted, the daring acts, and especially the bus ride.  (After all, to a kid who gets driven to school by Mom everyday, a bus is pretty exciting, apparently!)

Marissa got to sit beside her best friend on the bus.  (Thank you to Mrs Yantz for sharing the pictures with us parents).

A few pictures from the circus.  Doesn't it make you want to be a kid again so you can go back and experience the excitement for yourself?

I have to admit that our county is pretty great in that they offer a full police escort to and from the circus.  The buses from several school corporations all meet up in one place and then they are able to drive through stop lights and at a good rate of speed all together with police cars, firetrucks, and other emergency vehicles accompanying them with sirens and lights.  All other traffic has to stop and wait for the parade to pass.  It's pretty incredible to experience as a third grader - and pretty impressive to witness even as an adult.  I know that I am really thankful that there were so many involved in helping my girls make it there and back safely.

Only two more years until Laynie gets her chance....

Friday, January 23, 2015

Two Year Wellness Visits

On Wednesday, Nolan had his two year wellness visit.  Once again, all checks out great!  At two years of age, Nolan weighs 27 pounds and is 34.5 inches tall.  (75th percentile for weight, 40th for height).  Apparently there is a formula that doctors can use at this age to predict a person's height when they are an adult.  According to Nolan's current height, he is predicted to be 5'10".  Only time will tell on that one, huh?

You still cannot understand a lot of the words that Nolans says, but his vocab is growing (finally).  He walked around the kitchen table one day last week and tapped each of the kitchen chairs.  As he reached each chair, he would say the name of the person who sat in the chair at dinner time.  "Daddy, Mama, Mor-mo, Issa, Waynie, and Nowan"  We all clapped and cheered because he finally knows his own name.

He has started humming quite a bit as he plays with his toys around the house, and he has started "singing" to songs on the radio as we drive around town running our errands.  I very seldom understand what he is saying, but he will occasionally clap his hands or even put them in the air as he praises Jesus.  And he's learning "This Little Light of Mine" as we have started singing it before bed at night.  Those moments sure warm this Mama's heart!!


As I'm typing up this blog, Nolan is running around downstairs with the girls yelling "elp me, elp me".  It took the girls a while, but they finally figured out that this means he wants them to chase him.  (He's just getting a heads start on the screaming part of it!!)  Oh my goodness, that little one has sure brings us joy!!

Friday Morning Oasis

I have had the honor of attending a Ladies Bible Study at a local church for almost seven years now, while my kids have been ministered to through the children's "Sonbeams" program.  This year, through a series of events, I found myself the head teacher of the 2's and 3's class.  Overall, it's been a good experience for me, and one that has made me extra grateful for all of those that taught my children through the years.  LOL

For the first few months of the school year, I have had about 9 kids in my class.  Last week three more little guys moved up to join us and Nolan was one of them.  I honestly didn't know how he would do because he just turned two a few weeks ago, but for the most part he fit right in.  The kids are there for two hours with us having some time for snacks and crafts.  There is also about 25 minutes where we take the kids into the sanctuary to tell them the Bible story and sing some short songs.  That was the only time that we had any 'challenges' as the three new little guys haven't had to sit still for that long and they started trying to wander around.  But overall, they did really really good and it was a joy to see Nolan in a different setting than I usually see him.

Here are a couple pictures from class that morning:

"Look Mom, I'm one of the big kids now!!"

I think these two guys were trying to order pizza...

We were talking about David and Jonathan being best friends so I traced my hand and then each of the children's hands as we talked about becoming friends with each other.  I was the one who traced Nolan's fingers but I'm just realizing that he must have been moving his fingers around because they are looking a little pointed here.  LOL

I'm excited to see what the rest of the year brings...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Random Randomness...

Whew!  It has been busy around here as always.  But when I sit down to think about what we have done, I cannot necessarily come up with anything super exciting!  Just a lot of random things.

  • The girls were in school four of five days last week after having another snow day on Monday.  Morgan was able to get back into the swing of basketball practice and all three went to Awanas.  They really enjoyed their snow days, but I know they also are glad to be back on some sort of schedule, so going back to school was a mixed blessing.
  • On Friday night, I took off for a couple of hours by myself and was able to use a few of the gift cards that I received for Christmas.  That was nice to just wander around the store without watching the time or watching any children.  On Saturday, a friend had invited the girls up to their house to spend the day sledding and playing with their two daughters.  Marissa and Melayna ended up spending the night while Morgan came back home and slept here.  Then, much to our surprise, all four of our children were invited to spend the night Sunday night with another family from our church who has kept our kiddos before.  Once again, it was such a neat thing to know our kids were having fun and being well cared for, so Noel and I were able to go out after prayer meeting and just spend time alone talking and planning for the days ahead.  With a busy track season just gearing up and some other projects that are competing for Noel's time right now, I know that God was blessing me with such a sweet gift to help me get rest and feel refreshed before diving back in full-swing.  I am thankful for that!
  • As I mentioned, Noel has jumped into a few projects around here that I will tell ya'll about in a future post.  'Keeping him busy for sure!!
  • I am trying to get all of our paperwork around for tax season.  That's always an adventure...
  • A dear friend of ours got married back in October, but she just recently got her wedding pictures back from their photographer and I just want to add a couple of those here.  (You can see more from my post back when the wedding happened).  Aren't these beautiful?

  • I got my anniversary gift from Noel this past week as well.  On the night of our anniversary, he gave me a box to open and inside was a homemade bracelet that the girls had helped him make.  It was suppose to represent the bracelet that I was getting, but since my bracelet was being custom designed (by Noel) and then made to size (by the jeweler), I would have to go in with Noel the next day to finalize everything.  It was well worth the wait!!  So, inside a beautiful bag was a beautiful box with another box inside of that.  AND inside the last box was my bracelet having four charms.  Each charm has the engraved name of one of our children and their birthstone in the corner.  It turned out  really amazing!  I am blessed in so many ways, that is for sure!  

  • In other news, Nolan and I had a day or two where napping wasn't any fun... more on that one later... and the older two girls are gearing up to go to the circus with their school this Friday.  Morgan's trip as a 3rd grader was cancelled last year because of the snow.  With much anticipation, my 3rd and 4th graders are praying that this year has better luck and that they will go together to enjoy the big top!!  I remember my trip to the circus as a 3rd grader and how exciting it was.  I certainly hope that they both have as good of a time and make memories to last as well!!

Cute Shirt ~ 'Might Know Someone Who Needs One of These...

I saw this sweatshirt design online the other day.  I thought it was cute and it also made me think of my friend JeriAnn, who is the very courageous mother of four little boys!!  I bet she can relate!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow Days...

Snow day / No school.  That may just be a favorite phrase in this house.
And lucky for us, we are on day #3.
Due to extremely cold weather and now snow, the kids have only been to school two days since Christmas break ended.  (Unfortunately, we only had three snow days built into the school calendar so although it's always fun to stay home and play, if we miss any more, Noel and the kids will have to go longer at the end of the year, when the days are warm and summer fun is calling our name.)
As I said, the girls went back to school on Tuesday for a regular day.  Due to a bitterly cold wind chill, they had a two hour delay on Wednesday but still went to school.  By noon, the snow had started however and the roads started getting slick.  After school activities were being cancelled and they made the call that evening to start school on a delay on Thursday morning.  (It eventually cancelled and we started dreaming of sleds and snow forts and cups of hot cocoa!!)
Here are two pictures of the snow coming down on Thursday night while the kids were still out playing.  (There was a time when I was joking with Dawn about running a clothesline between our two houses so that we knew the kids wouldn't get lost.)  It was SO cold out there, I couldn't believe how long they stayed out playing. 

Red rosy cheeks means a cup of hot chocolate is on the menu!!

By the time we woke up on Friday morning, we had a couple more inches of snow and  school was cancelled again.  The weather was only slightly warmer, but Nolan seemed ready to follow his sisters outside so I also had to bundle up and take him out to play.
All four bundled up and ready to go out.

Nolan was so excited - although he didn't realize what he was getting so excited about!!

Marissa talked Nolan into sitting on the dry sled and riding across the yard to get Luke and Amslie.  He seemed okay with that and even smiled some as he rode around.

But soon enough, he decided that he wanted to stand up and walk around the snow a while.  He was having fun until he fell into the snow and got snow into his gloves and down the front of his coat. 
He started crying and acting like he wanted to go back inside.  It was bitterly cold and he wouldn't keep a scarf over his face like the older girls, so I took him back inside.  As soon as we got inside, he started crying louder and pointing outside again, so I took him back outside.  Still, the crying did not stop and he wouldn't get down in the snow anymore so I was just standing outside in the cold wind holding him off the snow.  I decided to make an executive decision as the parent and just let him throw a fit indoors where it was much warmer for me!!
I never could find out what made he really wanted and why he was crying that hard. long after his cold clothes were off of him.  I guess we'll just have to try again another day and hope for better results.

Even as I write this, it's another snowy Monday afternoon.  Today the girls and outside once again with Noel, building a snow fort and making new sledding trails and enjoying their time away from school.
Maybe we will be back to a normal schedule tomorrow??