Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Run, Walk, Roll Mile Run

After the 5K was finished up, we headed over to the track to complete the mile run.  No times would be kept for this race (thank goodness!), but every participant under the age of 18 would receive a medal of participation.  This race is a great way for everyone to be involved as it usually allows runners of all ages and abilities to run without the feeling of intense competition.  Since I would be able to push Nolan in the stroller, I signed up for this race and Morgan agreed to run it with me.  'Turns out that she had a change of heart about sticking completely with me before the race, so I agreed that it was definitely okay for her to run her own pace and finish ahead of me.

Here are a couple of pictures from that event as we listen to the instructions and get ready to go.

As you can see, Morgan was ready to go and quickly found her own pace somewhere in the middle of the crowd.

Nolan and I found a slower pace and began to run our four laps.  One of Morgan's friends partnered with us and gave Nolan a sticker to add to his "bib number" after each lap that we completed.

Why do we look like we're running fast here?  I can tell you that we most certainly were not!!

All smiles because she only has one lap to go...

After Nolan and I finished up our third lap, I let him out of the stroller so that he could finish the last lap running by himself.  He had wanted to run from the beginning, but I doubted that he could run the entire mile, so I only let him run the last 400.  He ran the entire lap.

As soon as we rounded the final curve, I pointed out where Daddy was standing by the gate so Nolan could run to him when we were finished.  He crossed the finish line and said "All done" and then immediately left the track.

Time for a quick photo opportunity after all of the festivities were done.

Run, Walk, Roll 5K

This past weekend was amazing!  Beautiful weather.  Lots of time to spend together as a family.  Much giggling.  Much resting.  Much love.  I am refreshed and refueled and ready to finish out the school year strong!

One of the fun things that our family was able to do together this past weekend was to participate together in the 2nd annual WCHS "Run, Walk, Roll 5K".  We had a really fun time running the event last year so we thought we would do it again as a family; and knowing that all of the proceeds go to fund-raising for the school's unified track team is just an extra bonus.

We slept in a little on Saturday before heading over to the school to check-in.  Noel was going to run the 5K on the cross country course with Marissa & Laynie, while Morgan and I ran with Nolan on the track for the 1 mile race later.  Marissa was anxious to compete because she has been in the running club at her school this spring and this was suppose to be their season finale run.  Since she has been practicing, she felt confident that she could run a pretty good time and possibly place.  Melayna has run other 5K's (including the splatter dash just a couple of weeks ago), but her goal was to run the entire race without walking any of it and so she asked Noel if he would run with her to help her do that.   

As you can see, there was quite the group getting ready to run.

Here they are as they're trying to smile through the nervous anticipation before the start.
Even Morgan said that her stomach felt more nervous for them waiting for this race to start than when she ran in her own races.

Listening to the instructions...

And they're off!!

Marissa quickly sprinted ahead and put some distance between her and Melayna as she settled into a good pace.  Our friends Nate and Jillian ran behind her the entire race.  They said they tried to pass her at one point but she was just too quick for them.  And she ran hard... this is a tough course with a lot of gradual inclines.  Even former cross country runners were talking about how tough it can be.  


At this point, they are about 2/3's of the way done.  I could tell that she was tired, but she was still running strong!  

And the Kreamer's were still behind her!!

Nolan took his role as cheerleader very seriously.  When Marissa first came through the woods, you could hear him yelling "Go Bubba!  Go Bubba!"  (I doubt Marissa appreciated his sentiments though since she doesn't really care for his little nickname for her and really didn't want it broadcast in front of everyone!!) LOL

And then Laynie and Noel came towards us.  We started jumping up and down and yelling for them like fools.  I was just so proud of her as she was still running and working hard to meet her goal.  And although I know that Noel could really contend to win one of these races, he never even thinks of running it for himself.  He has now ran in support alongside all of us (except Nolan whose time is coming later, I'm sure) to help us cross the finish line and meet one of our goals.  I couldn't be more proud of him and his loving support of his girls.  No medals in all the world would be worth more than that!!

"Almost done sweetheart!!  Just one mile to go... you can do it!!!"

And then Marissa came running towards the finish line....

She would finish the race in 30 minutes exact and in 22nd place overall.  She also finished as the 5th overall female finisher and took home a medal in her age group.  She was pretty exhausted after the race and with her asthma, she was struggling to catch her breath which really seemed to scare her.  She walked around a little bit and drank some water and then we sat and waited for the other two to come across the finish line while she caught her breath.  

And then, there they were!!  Coming down that final stretch....

Morgan and some of her friends were sitting off to the side of where the runners were finishing their final 200 yards and many of them would smile or pick up the pace when they heard the girls cheering for them and calling them by name.  

I know Melayna definitely benefited from the words screams of encouragement as she ran towards the finish line.

Yay!  They did it!!
Melayna ran the entire thing, just as she had hoped, and she finished in just over 32 minutes!!
She also ended up medaling in her age group.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Winding Down...

It's Friday and another busy week is drawing peacefully to a close.  I am looking forward to a slower and warmer weekend to just enjoy as much of the outdoors as we can.

Last night, the track team that Noel coaches with won their Sectionals and advances to the Regional meet next Thursday.  One of his hurdlers won the Sectional race in the 300 lows and advances as well.  He was pretty excited for the team!


Morgan's track season has come to an end.  (I think that Marissa and Melayna were upset about that because they can't train for a Tough Mudder if we aren't at that track once a week.)  LOL  Actually, they did have a middle school Tough Mudder at that school a week or two ago and they had left part of the course up so the girls took advantage of it and made their way to the top.   

And Nolan enjoyed bouncing on the mats with a bunch of other kids as well.

Meanwhile, there was an actual meet taking place.  Morgan ran the 50, the 100, and the relay again that night.  She enjoyed herself this season and did well.  It was nice to see her meeting some older kids from her school and trying something new.


I actually had to leave Morgan's track meet before her last event in order to get Melayna out to her t-ball game where she plays for the Blue Jays this season.  This is her last season since she'll turn 8 this summer so we are enjoying watching her play.  She has had some good hits offensively but is pretty bored playing defense - unless she is playing pitcher, first base, or catcher.  None of the other positions get much action.

That night she was playing catcher.


Once Daddy and Morgan arrived from the track meet to watch the last of the tball game, I had to leave once again to take Marissa to her swim practice.   She joined the Tippecanoe Valley Aquatics Club about three weeks ago and has been swimming three nights a week for that.  

Overall, she's doing great so far.  She has taken swimming lessons at the YMCA for several sessions and she has participated in the week long Shark camp for the past two summers, but this is the first time that she has joined a team and has been swimming a lot of distance that many times a week.  (They probably cover at least 2500 meters every night)  She's tired at the end, but she is loving it!

The first night we went, they divided everyone up into three groups.  White for beginners.  Green for medium and Gold for the advanced.  Since the coach didn't know Marissa and I had told him that this was new for her, he started her off in the White class to see what strokes she knew and where she really was.  She was pretty bored that night as she was working on basic freestyle moves on the far side while almost everyone else was swimming laps back and forth.  As she was getting dressed in the locker room afterwards, it looked like she was fighting back tears.  "This isn't what I thought it was going to be, it's just like regular swimming lessons.  I wanted to be part of the team.  If it stays like this then I don't want to do it".  I encouraged her to stick with it and that it would just take a couple of nights to find out where she really should be and what she already knew.  As we were leaving, the coach told her that he was really impressed by what he saw and she should expect to move up pretty quickly.  She was encouraged by that a little and agreed to come back the next night.  Thankfully we did because he moved her up to the Green team that second night.  He told her to join the other green members in lane #1 and he worked her pretty hard that night.  In fact, they work pretty hard each and every night but she is happy for it.  She is correcting her breast stroke, learning new training techniques, and this week she learned the basics of the butterfly stroke along with the flip turn for the backstroke.  

Her first meet is coming up on Sunday, June 7th.  She is currently signed up to swim the 50 backstroke, the 50 free, and the 200 meter IM where she will swim the freestyle and anchor the team.  We're excited to see how far she comes as the summer progresses!

(Two weeks ago we had practice at our high school pool since the TV pool was being painted.  It was a much closer drive, which was nice for all of us.  Here she is in the silver swim cap and striped suit as she awaits her instructions.)

Warming up with the freestyle - definitely her favorite and fastest stroke!

And now, if you don't mind, I think I'm going to go lie down and take a nap!!