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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I Run...

JeriAnne, this one is for you.  I knew it would make you laugh.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween Pictures...Just a Little Late!

Back in October, I actually did take the kiddos trick-or-treating.  Unfortunately, Noel had left the day before to go on a bike trip so he missed out on the fun, but we still made the best of it.  It was SO cold, I think it was even sleeting at different times while we were out.  That's probably part of the reason that there weren't as many trick-or-treaters out and about like previous years.  But, that just made it a quicker, easier process for us!  We would drive for a while in the warm van and then jump out and go to a few places before getting back in the van to warm up again.  The girls really did enjoy themselves despite the cold, and all three of them received some compliments on their costumes, which made their night!!
We had a very happy pirate in training!
A Pirate much happier without his hat...
And a Queen Elsa, of course!
(She was the one who wanted to keep trick-or-treating because "the cold didn't bother her anyway!!")

Marissa chose to be a pirate as well and Morgan chose to compliment Laynie's outfit by becoming Olaf.
I'm a little biased, but I had a pretty cute gang of "scalliwags" to hang around with all night, that's for sure!!

And as always, we ended the night at Gramie and Grandpa's house where she took some pictures and gave out lots of goodies!

A Temporary Endeavor

If you are wondering what I have been up to lately, I have started a new endeavor of babysitting a 6 month old little man through the month of December.  There is a young student teacher in Noel's math department who was taking her son to babysitting with another family here in town but unfortunately, it was no longer going to work out.  The girl's husband works full-time as well so she was talking about needing someone to care for her son so she could focus on finishing school and graduating.  Noel suggested that we help them out since I am home with Nolan anyway.  And so this little guy arrives at 6:30 each morning and stays until 4:30 each night.  And I stay VERY busy EVERY minute in between!

Oh my goodness!!  Talk about cuteness! This little guy is so sweet and adorable!  In some ways, it's really fun to have a baby in the house again to cuddle and rock and sing to.  (And he loves Jesus Loves Me).  And sometimes when you are holding him, he will reach up to touch the side of your cheek.  It is also pretty incredible watching Nolan take on a "big brother" role as he suddenly seems so much older.

And then, oh my goodness!  This week has also been exhausting!  (I fell into bed at 9:15 last night if that tells you anything).  I had three little girls this young and close in age at home 7 years ago.  Why don't I remember it being this crazy or this hard?!  Was it because I was younger?  More patient?  Was it because we lived in a 940 square foot mobile home with carpeting to help break falls?  Was it because the girls couldn't ever really get out of my line of vision and if they did, I could hear them at all times?  Or does it feel this much harder this time around because I am so far removed from it now and use to having ones more independent and being able to come and go as I want?  Having a young one who still wants to be held and carried close all day is certainly an adjustment again for me.  
Nolan is trying to adjust as well.  As much as he enjoys playing with the baby and stroking his head from time to time, he also wants to keep all of "his" toys to himself and he doesn't think anyone should have to nap during the day, so he'll barge into the room where I have just rocked the baby to sleep and while shrugging his shoulders, he'll blurt out loudly, "Where baby go?"  After several days of sharing Mommy with someone else, I am beginning to see him act out in ways that he knows he shouldn't so I am also trying to deal with that.
To say that it's been an adjustment for us both is definitely an understatement...
but then there is this...

and this...

Busy, exhausting, difficult days are still a blessing when you are doing what the Lord is asking you to do, right?

Psalm 90: 17 "And let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish the work of our hands."

Thursday, November 13, 2014


  • Lately, Nolan has taken an interest in playing hide-n-seek.  He is at the age where he doesn't yet understand that the goal is to stay quiet...and hidden.  When he hears footsteps close by, he just starts giggling before calling out "peekaboo"!
  • He loves to throw things.  Right now that includes matchbox cars, hairbrushes, forks... pretty much anything that gets airtime.  We are restricting this activity to soft balls!
  • He has also taken a sudden liking to hiding in cupboards and dressers.  Anything with doors.  Sometimes he fits all the way inside.  Sometimes he does not.  It doesn't really matter to him.  He just closes his eyes so he can't see you!
  • The other night, I hugged and kissed Nolan and told him that I loved him.  He immediately shook his head, pushed me away, and adamantly said, "NO! No wuv!"
  • When you ask Nolan what his name is, he will now respond with "me!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Computer Update

The good news is that we have our computer back now.

The bad news, no the horribly bad news, is that the virus was a ransome virus, which is just as terrible as it sounds.  It got onto our hard drive and took EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Nothing could be saved without paying the cyber criminals to possibly decryprt our files and give them back.  So all of our documents, spreadsheets, tax records, pictures, all of our downloaded music.  Yes, everything is gone!  So very maddening!

Two things come to mind here.  (Well, two worth sharing at least).  One, we should have backed up all of the important stuff somewhere else.  And secondly, because of this blog and my printing it off each year, I will still have most of our pictures saved somewhere else.  For that I am extremely grateful!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Past Due

I know, I know.

A post is long past due!  But between a computer with a huge destructive virus (again), our normally full life (still), and babysitting all day for a baby boy (brand new)... I am not quite sure when any updates will make their appearance on this blog.

Hopefully soon, so stay tuned!