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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Few Things That Make Me Smile...

Nolan's Zoo Trip

Last week I took Nolan to the zoo with a few other Moms from our church.  Early last week, it was 90 degrees and sunny.  Then it rained all day on Wednesday when we had originally planned to go so we postponed it for one day.  We woke up on Thursday to a dreary 51 degrees.  Not ones to be dissuaded, we put on jackets, packed lunches, loaded up the strollers, and still went!
Here is part of our stroller brigade as we were getting ready to explore...
We have a beautiful zoo in our area with a lot of shaded areas.  Normally in the heat of the summer, we appreciate all of the landscaping and greenery but on this day, we tried to walk in the sunshine as much as we could!  LOL  We did manage to pull over a couple of times along the way to take pictures in all of the popular spots though.  Nolan had gone to the zoo with our family at the beginning of the summer last year when he was only six months old so it was a lot of fun to see him old enough to watch the animals and enjoy his time there.

Our friends Alli and Jack (and their Mom) were also able to go with us.

Between school being in session and the cooler weather, the zoo wasn't busy at all on Thursday so it was great to let Nolan out of the stroller where he could just walk around at his own pace and check things out.  He even offered me a ride in his safari jeep for a while, which was fun!

Well, until he got a little stuck, that is....

Honey Badger don't care...

There is a spot in the African safari where I always try to take pictures of the kids inside of these tents.  Most of the time I cannot get the girls to stay in them because they complain that they smell or that they are too hot.  Nolan was the exact opposite.  I couldn't get him to leave.  He just kept sitting down on the stump to say "cheese" and then he would get up and move to the other stump and say "cheese" again.  Over and over.

I am not sure what Nolan and his friend Colton are doing here.
Maybe they just broke out in song...

The Orangutangs is always my favorite part.  Most days they just sit in the same spots and you can hardly tell if they are awake or asleep.  But after we stood there checking them out for a while, this one started swinging on the ropes until he made it over to the little window where they were getting ready to feed him his lunch.  Nolan was really fascinated by that!

More "cheese" in case you haven't had enough yet!

Nolan also liked watching the penguins in their exhibit.  At one time, there were a few of them swimming around in the water and then they crawled out on the side of the pond that was closest to us so we could see them really close.  The sea lion exhibit was also entertaining this visit as they really seemed to be more active than most times.  I think it scared Nolan the first time that a sea lion came swimming over to the glass.  You could tell that he was looking into the water but couldn't see anything at first.  Then suddenly there was a sea lion right there up against the glass and Nolan quickly jumped back until it swam away!!  The next time it came around he was more prepared for it and just watched in fascination until I took his hand and led him away to the next place.

I am glad that he enjoyed the zoo as much as he did.  I have always enjoyed being able to see new things and explore places with the kids, but unfortunately, this particular zoo just keeps increasing their fees to get in so it will definitely be a very limited experience for him.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Homecoming Coronation 2014

Our school district celebrated Homecoming at last night's football game.  It was 51 degrees and a great night for some football!  It was also a great day for a parade and a homecoming coronation.  After school got out, we took the kids back into town to watch the homecoming parade.  We usually try to watch the parade at the beginning so there is plenty of candy and enthusiasm to go around!  Then, after the parade, we went home to eat and to get Melayna ready for the homecoming game.  She had been asked by the high school student council to help pass out flowers and gifts to the homecoming court at the game.  As you can imagine, she was super excited about it!!
With 5 minutes left in the half, they met up with four other students and received instructions on what they were to do.  I know that Melayna and Jack both look pretty nervous in this picture below, but they were actually pretty cold.  Melayna didn't want to cover up her dress with a coat, so she chose to freeze instead!

All ready and waiting to go.

Our friend Jack takes his turn first

And then Laynie gives her flowers...

Yay!  Job well done.

After half-time, we were able to go back to our seats and enjoy some good football.  Our team won this year, which is even better!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Marissa's Piano Recital

Marissa is really coming along with her piano. Since I just teach her at home, she doesn't have the opportunity to have a recital as others might, so I asked her to memorize two of her songs and then I recorded them for her.   It will be neat for her to look back later and be reminded of how far she has come.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Now This Is Neat...

Another Melayna Original

Melayna comes up with some good quotes from time to time.  Apparently, last night was no exception as she "sprang" this Melayna original on our friend Emily during our church's prayer meeting:  "Did you know, that Satan doesn't even know where Middle C is on the piano?"

Sorry Emily.  I wouldn't have had a response for that one, either!