Friday, November 23, 2012

ANOTHER Memory I Don't Want to Forget

Okay, so Melayna is ALWAYS doing something that makes us look at each other across the room and wonder "where did she come from?"  And this past week was no exception.  Except this time, it happened at the library.

We were upstairs in the children's section and it was time to leave.  We went into the elevator on the 2nd floor and the doors began to close.  Melayna likes to do all of the buttons by herself so once again, as normal, she hit the button and we thought we were off.  She did "such a good job" that she decided to celebrate by crazily dancing and shaking her booty and singing "Uh huh.  All right!  Uh huh, All right!"... and then the door opened to reveal that we were still on the 2nd floor (she had pushed the 2nd floor button instead) and everyone sitting at their computers could see her in there.  (There were many gigles for sure!!)  I quickly hit floor #1, gave a quick embarrassed wave, and we were off once again.

Oh Laynie!!  Thank you for keeping me young!!  And may you never lose your love of life!!

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